who am i

Oleksandra Shtein

Hello and welcome!

I’m a Kyiv based photographer and retoucher with an eye for the nuanced elegance that lies within every image. My journey has taken me through various facets of the visual arts, enriching my ability to craft photographs that resonate with grace and sophistication.

With an appreciation for the subtleties that make an image truly stand out, I’ve developed a distinctive style that weaves together technical proficiency and artistic insight. My experience extends across different realms of photography, from the ethereal beauty found in portraits to the compelling narratives within commercial work.

Utilizing professional tools like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, I ensure each photograph is treated with care and creativity, transforming it into something truly memorable.

I invite you to explore my portfolio to see how my unique perspective comes to life in my work. Thank you for visiting, and I hope my images inspire you as much as creating them inspires me.